** THE PARTIAL FIRE BAN has been lifted as of May 20, 2022.  Burn Permits will be issued but not for anything that will take longer than one day to burn.**



The RM of Eldon is launching a new communication system to keep ratepayers up to date on the latest municipal and emergency information.  Ratepayers will have the option to receive notifications via text, email, or voice calls.  Use the sign up link below or visit our office to sign up.


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 The volunteer members of the Maidstone Waseca & District fire and rescue service area have, in recent years, responded to an increasing number of alarm system false alarm call-outs.  These false alarm call-outs require members to provide an unnecessary response which may remove the member and equipment from being available for a legitimate call-out. The Board for the Maidstone Waseca & District fire and rescue service area have established a False Alarm Fee Policy which will provide a warning to the ratepayer for the first false alarm call-out and a charge of $500.00 for the second false alarm call-out and each successive response thereafter increasing by $500.00. The Board requests that you consult with your alarm system company to first call yourself and/or others in your household before contacting 911.  The Board hopes that these actions will help reduce the number of false alarm call-outs.





Strychnine will be available for sale to ratepayers while supply lasts for $13.00/bottle plus GST for a maximum order of six bottles per R.M. of Eldon No.471 ratepayer.  Ratepayer allotment of strychnine sales will be provided to each qualification of R.M. of Eldon No.471 ratepayer as follows: 

  • -Corporations
  • -Spouses or partners (jointly titled)
  • -Each spouse or partner (individually titled)


In accordance with provincial regulation, strychnine will no longer be available for saleafter March 4, 2022 and all product purchased must be used by March 4, 2023.­



Effective  March 15th, 2022 at 12:01AM, SUMMER SECONDARY weights will be in effect for the R.M. of Eldon No. 471.  



The Maidstone Waseca and District Fire Board has removed a partial fire ban that has been in effect since May 6th.  As such, the R.M. of Eldon No. 471 will issue burning permits, but not for anything that will take longer than one day to burn (i.e. brush piles).  Please note that burning permits are not required for barbeques, firepits used for cooking and receptacles used for the burning of household refuse.  This communication is shared with all member municipalities in the Maidstone Waseca and District Fire Board.  


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The Office of the R.M. of Eldon No. 471 is located at 212 Main Street, Maidstone, Saskatchewan.